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Data Recovery in Minutes

A revolutionary data restoration product providing data protection and recovery quickly, reliably and simply. The recovery from either corruption or disaster is reduced to minutes, not hours or days as with other products. RealTime has a unique ability to undo individual writes for a database image as a whole as opposed to restoring individual files, or applying forward incrementals or transaction logs to complete a recovery. The solution combines volume replication, snapshot technology and real time data backup to create a unique data protection paradigm that offers a significant set of advantages to the enterprise over currently available solutions.


RealTime Recovery

There are several techniques for recovering using RealTime: full recovery to any point in time; partial recovery, (i.e. repair of a table or records); and disaster recovery with complete application failover. In all cases the restore is accomplished quickly, reliably, and easily. RealTime provides an “Undo Button” to easily restore or roll back from disasters or corruptions.


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