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Managing Backup Resources Across the Enterprise

WorldView is a web-based, database-driven backup resource manager that enables multiple viewing and sorting of your backup and recovery information from a single console. WorldView facilitates analysis such as the following:


Departmental View:

Allows one to view and/or organize backups and status by department and/or user. Should an IT manager structure it so, users have the ability to view their specific data, not the entire enterprise. Departments can therefore have confidence that their critical data is backed-up and available for recovery should they need it.


Backup Server View:

Permits IT managers to view all backup servers from a single location. The Backup Server view allows one to manage and monitor the backup and recovery of individual client servers.


Location View:

IT managers can now view local and remote backup operations by sorts, such as: country, region, state, city, or data center. It then becomes possible to drill down to the server view for a more detailed analysis.


Tape Library View:

Enables users to determine the current status of their tape drives, as well as review and/or trend tape drives and libraries for problems such as outages. Such capability ensures that tape drives are always working when most needed.


It has been said that "information is currency." Therefore, one of the greatest responsibilities for an IT manager is the backup and recovery of business-critical information. While backup software and methodology varies, managers must have high confidence in the success of their backup and their ability to recover. While success remains imperative, time and internal resource allocation still plagues 'best management' practices.


Given such an environment, how does a company proactively manage these activities?


WorldView was created as a single-source, customer driven solution designed to provide IT managers all the information they need to 'own' and 'control' all aspects of the backup process. With WorldView, you can manage and monitor all your backup devices throughout the world via a non-disruptive, web-based interface. With its user-friendly console, WorldView provides a full picture of the backup activity on your network. Some of the features include:

  • Success/failure monitoring

  • Performance management

  • Fault management

  • Scheduling

  • Internal tracking and billing

  • and more…

Contact us to find out more about WorldView and what it can do for you.


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